curative production PTE. LTD.

Marketing - advertising - event organizing - art gallery



Curative provide services to curate the exhibition program such as gallery space, scouting for the most exciting emerging or established artists and inviting them to collaborate with the gallery in the form of an exhibition, building impressive portfolio of artists, promoting, selling and distributing the artworks.

Besides, the organization of Physical Art Gallery, Curative also conducts exhibitions online in the official website of Curative to give the public the opportunity to admire artworks right at home.


Curative supports customers in providing planning, social media advertising, content creation, outdoor & influencer marketing, Reward and loyalty programs, public relations, sale promotions, and especially event organizing. Curative design engaging events, helping companies to communicate directly with their target audience. It is aim to help customers make the most out of these interactions, creating a fulfilling and purposeful experience.


Curative provides the services including selecting of candidates for the Beauty Pageant, choosing judges who believe in the pageant’s purpose and will be engaged throughout the competition, finding the right sponsors, program and venue planning, financial planning, promotion activities to promote the Pageant widely to audiences and launching marketing communication campaigns.


Curative helps customers by conducting marketing research, segmenting the customer base, creating engaging and informative marketing content, providing social media advertising, broadcast advertising, Setting up Digital marketing campaigns to promote  company’s offerings and specific organizational goals to attain sustainable competitive advantage.

curative production PTE. LTD.

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